Postscript to May 21 Anno Domini 2020

Flannery O’Connor: “I write because I don’t know what I think until I read what I say.”

It is too easy for the darkness to be overwhelming. The good news is that that doesn’t stop us praying (Psalm 59; 88). And, equally important, without going all Pangloss/Pollyanna, we can make choices re where we direct our attention. Retrospectively, the May 21 post was also an exercise in directing the attention too much to the darkness. Not that the darkness isn’t real and profoundly destructive. But it is disproportionate with our world’s bright beginning and brighter future, as witnessed in the Feast of the Ascension. Our rector, Miranda Hassett, posted this hymn yesterday; it’s worth reposting.

And have the bright immensities received our risen Lord,
where light-years frame the Pleiades and point Orion’s sword?
Do flaming suns his footsteps trace through corridors sublime,
the Lord of interstellar space and Conqueror of time?

The heaven that hides him from our sight knows neither near nor far;
an altar candle sheds its light as surely as a star:
and where his loving people meet to share the gift divine,
there stands he with unhurrying feet; there heavenly splendors shine.

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