Another Postscript to the August 9 Post

Dealing with our vulnerability: this from Ellen F. Davis on the psalms of petition in Opening Israel’s Scriptures, quoting André Chouraqui:

The only thing he [the psalmist] opposes to the arrows that pierce him through, is his own voice[.] His hands are empty; God alone is his weaponry, his fortress. The Innocent never relies on his material strength for deliverance from his enemies…

… Every one of the psalms—and especially the psalms which seem the most bellicose—[all] are animated by an absolute contempt for material brute strength. This is not a question of heroic renunciation, but rather one of objective certitude. Might is good for nothing, serves as the foundation for nothing, and leads to nothing… As for the Just, he is committed to the victorious action of justice and truth.

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