Re the Daily Office Readings September 23 Anno Domini 2020

Photo by Andrew Buchanan

The Lessons: Judith 10:1-23; Acts 19:1-10; Luke 4:1-13

Today we might read the first and third lessons in split screen. What will the protagonists do after the build-up in the previous chapters? Judith’s prayer (chapter 9) gives us clues, but leaves much unsaid. Simeon and Levi led with deceit, then drew the sword; Judith prays for her deception’s success and leaves the sword unnamed. Between Zechariah’s prophecy, Mary’s song, etc., a wealth of potentially different expectations re what Jesus will accomplish. Judith in front of her closet is a classic hero-preparing-for-battle scene; Jesus stands before his deciding what not to wear, what trust in God looks like. (And what about the sword in that closet?) Both will be performing without a net.

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